Estelle Black

Certified Law of Attraction strategist & founder of MPUS

Estelle Black is a certified Law of Attraction strategist, writer and the founder of MPUS also known as Mind Power Universe Success.

Estelle has helped change many lives in the most unique way.

From the very beginning of her career she has been helping others achieve success whether that be helping them reach their 7 figure business goal, or helping some-one manifest their dream job. 

Here are snippets of what others have to say about Estelle’s teachings.

“I cannot express to you all what Estelle Black has done for my business and I. For years I had struggled to bring my 6 figure business into a 7 figure empire that I had always dreamt of. I was recommended by a friend to invest with Estelle as she is known to help you with money and the mental side of business.”      
John Durum.

I had my first session with Estelle a couple of weeks ago and it was definitely an eye opener for me. I was feeling like i had reached a point in my life where i felt lost and unsure of where I was going due to some personal problems I was having at the time. I feel like a new person! Estelle taught me how to find the positive,even in a negative situation.”       
Martha Gonzalez.

Estelle worked with me to make me understand my true purpose and who I was as a women giving me back the confidence to run with. After a few sessions and help with writing a journal that we had come to realize was my passion " writing" I manifested my dream job not the job i thought was for me.”
Amy Phillips.

If you would like to read the full testimonials and more you can on the MPUS website.

Although Estelle has many talents and has helped many in so many different areas of their life, her ultimate passion is to help others thrive through their businesses and life.

She is known for her warm heart, caring nature, and no-nonsense attitude, but most importantly she is known for getting results!

Why work with Estelle?

Estelle has created her own business and success using the very same tools she shares with you. 

Everything Estelle teaches is based on techniques, strategies and knowledge that work in this "real modern day world” that have been tried and tested.

Estelle is so passionate about her work that she does not release any content until she is a 100% sure that what she shares can get her prospects real results!
She does this through client analysis and self-implementation.

With this in mind, you can be sure that what you are about to learn has not only been tried and tested on others, but they got results in doing so.

Estelle works on a spiritual, psychological and vibrational basis that fuel results in your physical world.

Are you ready to start creating?
Enjoy your course you are about to become a success magnet! 

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