Erick Von Schulz

Motion Picture Producer for over 20 years

Erick von Schulz is a popular movie producer and post production specialist having worked on over 90 films and television shows in the past 20 years. His work of the past 10 years has become influential in niche thriller themed films as well as in the horror genre. He also has a thriving commercial business and creates roughly 60 commercials a year.He was born in San Francisco, California and now resides in Chapel Hill, NC.

Erick dropped out of High school while working in the Tech Industry and discovered his love for film-making. He moved to Los Angeles where he was a film loader and later became a production assistant for Warner Brothers Studios. Erick has been known as the go to guy for Indie-films that have problems. He has turned many
disastrous productions around and steered those films to completion and

He has worked in every field in film production from casting to cinematography, directing and all aspects of post production. He is well versed in all aspects of motion picture production.

Having worked with so many diverse movies and despite many modest budgets he has managed to turn a profit on most of his movies.

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