Eric Worral

Community Manager at RentPrep

I've owned and managed rentals for the past 8 years. I'm not sure if you could've found a less educated landlord 8 years ago. 

About three years ago I met Steve White (CEO of RentPrep) and he started educating me on property management. We hit it off and I've been working full-time at RentPrep since September 2016. RentPrep is a tenant screening company located just outside of Buffalo, NY.

For the past eight months I've been a sponge on all things landlording.

We co-host a hit podcast called "RentPrep for Landlords" where we dissect a topic each week specific to landlords./in/ericworral/

I manage a private Facebook Group of over 500 landlords that ask/answer questions every day.

Most of all, I'm all about transparency and helping people.

Looking forward to chatting more!

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