Ekaterina Matveeva

Linguist, polyglot, memory sportsman, founder of Amolingua

Ekaterina Matveeva - is a passionate linguist, polyglot, memory sportsman, teacher of foreign languages and cultures, and founder of Amolingua - ed:tech language start-up. 

Ekaterina is the author of books “Language Alter Ego”, “Полиглот по собственному желанию” ("Polyglot of your own will”), academic and popular science articles dedicated to language and cultural learning. She is a TEDx speaker and TV performer outlining the importance of cultural intelligence and memory trainings in our everyday life. 

She holds multiple MA in linguistics, cross-cultural communication, education, cultural socio-anthropology from University of St Andrews, University of Bergamo, University of Santiago de Compostela, University of Perpignan, Academy of Finance and Business Vistula and Moscow State Linguistic University.

Ekaterina speaks 8 languages, currently looking towards Asian languages. she can understand another dozen from related language groups.

She is the first female memory sportsman of Russian origin that ever participated at the World Memory Championships. 

Her book "Polyglot of your own will" in Russian has become a bestseller influencing lives of thousands of people wiling to take up a new language. Hundreds of students have gone through Ekaterina's language start-up Amolingua achieving their dream - to speak fluently a foreign language.

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