Edite Amorim

Trainer and Founder of THINKING-BIG

Creative, Traveller, Entrepreneur, Seeker.

Edite obtained her degree in Health Psychology in Porto University, Portugal and her Masters degree in Social Psychology in Barcelona, Spain at Barcelona University where she now teaches "Creativity and Entrepreneurship" for the Masters' students.

She has been an entrepreneur for 11 years, having developed several projects along the years, individually and with other professionals, in diverse areas - from dance to radio, and from photography to social issues.

Collaboration is a key-word for her career, as she has studied such different areas as Physical Theatre and Design Thinking and she integrates various groups of multidisciplinary interests.

Since 2011 she has managed the company she founded - THINKING-BIG - that creates, teaches, and trains Creativity and Applied Positive Psychology in companies and educational institutions.

Edite writes for various magazines - Fenther, LeCool Porto, PANTA - about the arts, Positive Psychology, and creativity and has presented on the same themes in conferences in the USA, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

She was born in Porto, lived in Ireland, Spain and Sweden and keeps traveling around, to develop and to teach trainings, and to explore more about the world.

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