James Hill

Investor and Trader

With over 15 years of experience trading the financial markets, I have done enough right to make a success of it, and enough wrong to make me a great teacher!

I currently run The Investor Within - an online and consultancy based business teaching new and struggling traders first of all how to overcome a trading industry that is basically set up for retail traders to fail, and then how to get the same competitive advantage as professional traders.

You see I was lucky enough many years ago, to be personally mentored by a Hedge Fund Manager who lived next door to the farm that I grew up on!  He gave me knowledge and insights into the financial markets and how to trade that were just mind blowing.  

This was stuff that just wasn't, and indeed still isn't, widely available or easily accessible to the average retail trader, mainly because brokers and professional traders don't want you to know!  This knowledge is very much incorporated in everything I teach my students and clients.

I also have a qualification in Investment Management from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

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