Donn Kropp

Healthcare Visionary

I have a passion and desire to bring others to greater levels of health and wellness. With over ten years of emergency and trauma room experience as an RN I bring a seasoned, yet fresh approach to health and wellness education. I have worked with top education companies as an instructional designer. I had an acting career that lasted a microsecond. I love to develop educational materials utilizing sound principles of pedagogy and multimedia theory.

Academic Stuff: Bachelor of Science in Nursing 2001 from University of North Carolina- Charlotte. Masters in Healthcare Leadership from University of California, Davis

Work Experience Stuff: ER/Trauma Nurse, Medical Consultant, Correctional Medicine, Instructional Designer, Entrepreneur, Web developer, Videographer

Stuff I Like to Do: Travel, read, anything death defying, golf, exercise, eat

Places I've Lived: Japan, North Carolina, Georgia, California

Places I've Visited: Japan, Saipan, Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Korea, India, Haiti, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Mexico

Places I Want To Visit: New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Kansas

Embarrassing Moment? “About thirty seconds before giving a speech, I spilled water in my lap from a water bottle. There was no podium to hide behind, so I just started the speech out by saying I was just diagnosed with early-onset urinary incontinence. It took about ten minutes to dry and it was quite embarrassing. Note to self-no water before giving a speech."

If I had a robot what would you train it to do? "Give me daily deep tissue shiatsu massages."

Proud Moment? “I had the great honor of being chosen as an honoree for The REAL Awards. These awards highlight the work of health workers around the globe. I was honored and humbled to be a recipient of this award. It was a great pleasure to be able to meet Bill Clinton and represent millions of health workers around the globe who help save lives every day."

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