Don Nir

Publisher, Brain Food Books

After 20+ years in traditional sales, I entered the Internet Marketing world about five years ago. I discovered my niche and passion in digital publishing. It is an exciting and ever evolving field. People have a love and thirst for reading and learning. Through my publishing company, Brain Food Books, I have published a library of well over 700 books for sale on various platforms. It is my goal to deliver quality content in an attractive, simple and affordable format.

I discovered a passion for helping others achieve success over the last few years. It is quite satisfying to assist others in learning a new trade or skill.

Through my online journey, I have taken many courses. I find that many teachers deliver a lengthy course to perhaps create an heir of legitimacy. I believe in the opposite. I recognize we all lead busy lives, and made a commitment to always get straight to the point in a "fluff free" manner. No long drawn out stories. No content that doesn't directly impact the task at hand. I promise to always deliver the important content without the added nonsense.

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