Mandhir Arora

Sports nutrition consultant and a knowledge fountainhead

My name is Mandhir and I run a successful nutrition clinic and formulate supplements for nutraceutical companies. After studying pathology and medicine for almost 5 years, I realized that there is one fundamental cause spreading obesity and sickness and the food habits have a major role to play in this epidemic. I was interested in bodybuilding and supplements when I was 12 years old. I have evaluated the role of supplements and closely monitored the practices of the supplement manufacturers for over 7 years.

The understanding of human anatomy and physiology has helped me to understand the diet plans and to prescribe bodybuilding supplements to individuals with different needs. I have lived nutrition and my connoisseur for sports nutrition will most likely help people to change the way they perceive everyday food and bodybuilding.

My colleagues always tell me that I always want to share something with them and my other interests include naturopathy, conventional medicine, pharmacology, writing, travel, logical thinking and solving puzzles.

I have helped hundreds of clients and many of them are my friends now.

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