Managing Director Debbie Nicol

Managing Director, 'business en motion'

I am Debbie Nicol (call me Debbie or Deb), an Australian expat living in Dubai, and Managing Director of ‘business en motion’, operating my business consultancy and learning organization with the comfort of 28 years of experience in international human resources, organizational development and strategic change management. My career has been solely dedicated to embedding lifelong learning into organizational behaviour, moving businesses and leaders ahead – ahead of their current achievements and/or competitors.

My career saw me with a plethora of qualifications as I simply love learning, yet the most practical with the most a-ha moments that continue to serve til today was when I became accredited as a DISC behavioural analyst over 15 years ago. I apply this globally currently, and serve organizations across Thailand, India, the Gulf Corporation Council Countries including Saudi Arabia and into Africa across a myriad of industries, ranging from shipping and logistics, automobiles, retail through to knowledge security and government.

With my experience commencing as a teacher in the Australian public education system, I quickly recognized opportunity in industry and entered 5-star Hospitality, rapidly progressing through the ranks to lead a global corporate HR function in Europe. Learning is my passion and self-directed learning that places the student at the centre of their experience is what I achieve the greatest results with. My philosophy supports the notion that teachers no longer exist as sages on stages (thankfully!) but only as guides on the side!

Now operating my own business, my USP is the ability to open minds of those around me. Corporate success has been supported by two Masters Degrees, one being a Masters in Online Education.

‘business en motion’ has recently launched a unique concept, process and toolkit for change, ‘embers of the world’, focussing on story-telling as the impetus for self and corporate leadership change, whilst placing reflection and connection at its core. This evolution from traditional to contemporary toolkits is but one example of the pride I take in customising solutions for specific environments and needs!

An avid adventurer with a free spirit, my most recent personal challenges include a trip to the Arctic region and a 5 – day rugged-terrain physical survival challenge in Cyprus. As the face of a small yet growing team, I have been described as strategic, focussed, passionate, enabling, open-minded, fun yet overall ‘real’.

I look forward to forging greater connectedness with you throughout the 'learning en motion' learning experiences. Ask any question through the portal, or alternatively my email remains available for your convenience, questions and queries!

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