David Tanaskovic

Marketing & Business Analyst

Hi I’m David,

I Love Marketing, I Love Business Development and I Love Analytics.

I have been working in marketing for many years now and I also own an international retail business. My experience and passion has made me want to become an educator so that I can share my knowledge and enrich my students with strategic thinking.

With the fast pace increase of digital marketing I noticed a lack of experience and knowledge with analytical marketing across all levels of business and I wanted to make comprehensive courses that are simple for all levels to get a foundation in marketing and data analysis. My courses are design for all levels and will give you the knowledge necessary to approach marketing and business in a new way.

If you are a student they will prepare you for work in a realistic way.

If you are a manager they will give you the tools to create strategic decisions for success in marketing.

If you are an owner/CEO they will give you an overview of reporting an analysis to be able to interpret results and make accurate decisions.

My Passion for marketing came from when I first attended Uni. I loved the concepts and theory behind advertising and always wanted to be a part of the glitzy world of advertising, creating the coolest ads that might feature on super bowls. However when I got to the real world I realised that a lot of the theory was not very useful practically at a marketing workplace. So over years of experience through working in marketing I decided that I wanted to share my knowledge with students at all levels.

I am happy if you got to the end of my short story but I can’t wait to share my passion with all of you and work together!

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