David La

Professional Locksmith, Locksmith Trainer at The Locksmith Academy.

Hi! I'm David. I am a professional locksmith and run a locksmith company in Denver, CO.

I'm also a co-founder and instructor at The Locksmith Academy, an online locksmith certification. Throughout the years, I've got to use my skills on a daily basis to help other people gain entry to their houses, business, cars and safes. I've also trained many lock pickers and locksmiths who are now using those skills to support themselves and their families. Together with my locksmithing partner Itay, we bring 10+ years of experience in lock picking to this course

I still remember how amazed I was when I first learned how to pick locks many years ago - It feels almost like magic to the bystanders, but the reality is that there is an exact science behind how it works. I'm passionate about helping people learn about lock picking, and taking the knowledge to the next level via video and the internet. We teach the methods in an easy to follow step by step formula that guarantees your success.

Lock picking is a skill anyone can learn.

You too will be amazed at how simple lock picking is once you are exposed to the step by step method waiting inside. I genuinely believe this is the best lock picking course on the market, and if you disagree I will happily refund your money.

Sign up to The Complete Guide to Lock Picking and join me for the amazing journey waiting inside.

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