Davide Molin

Owner at CodingShack Ltd.

Davide has been passionate about Art, Technology, computers and all tech stuff since he was a kid.

He self-learned programming in C and landed his first job in the nineties, then C++, Object Oriented Programming and then Java and Web Application development in 1999. In 2005 he fell in love with Javascript and Ajax and in 2009 he switched completely to Front End Development full time.

He's been working as a full time developer since 1995, working for companies like Electronic Arts, Mind Candy, Beamly, SAP and global consultancies in different Countries.

He's a firm believer that everything can be learned, if committing enough time and passion into it.

He often enjoys reminding people that you can become a successful developer even without a background in maths (he doesn't have one, nor a degree, having studied Advertising).

He firmly believes that passion and practice are key factors in becoming a successful Web Developer.

He's currently the owner of CodingShack Ltd in London, UK, offering Front End Development consultancy services in London and online training.

When he's not working, playing or dozing in front of his Mac, you can find him enjoying the company of his lovely wife, reading SciFi novels, playing with his favorite Flight Simulator (X-Plane!) and reading/practicing TaiChi/QiGong.

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