David Craig White

International Sales Expert

David Craig White is an International Sales Expert and Motivational Sales Coach, whose sales training programs inspire businesses and individuals around the world to succeed in the profession of selling.

David began his sales career in the banking profession aged just 19. His natural can-do attitude and drive to succeed took him from being an average sales advisor in a bank to being a self-made entrepreneur and highly respected sales expert in under 10 years.

David has extensive sales experience in over 70 countries and across multiple industry sectors including insurance, banking, travel, publishing, advertising and technology.

He was instrumental in the start-up success of the leading digital publishing software vendor Zmags in 2006, before leaving to start the first online advertising marketplace Advertiserbay in 2009. David also went on to play a key role in the sales growth of the e-Publishing software vendor eMagCreator which led to them being named a Gazelle company in 2012 for continuous growth.

Today David does what he love most, which is teaching average sales people and small business owners how to sell and make more money by using value-based selling techniques via his comprehensive sales training programs.

Learn more at davidcraigwhite(dot)com

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