David Jonathan

On a Spiritual Journey

After 4 years of Drudgery, one day David quit his Job as a banker, backpacked and went on a quest to find his true calling. He travelled to distant places in India, met & spent time with Buddhist Monks & attended 10 day Vipassana Course. His thirst for understanding his true-self led him to the field of Spirituality, Quantum Physics & the Law of Attraction. He Spent a year Researching, reading & mastering the Law. Thereafter He went on to manifest $100,000 in Lottery and set-up his Profitable Automated online business. Now he travels to exotic locations in the World, takes up Free Law of Attraction Workshops for Young Students and stay-home Moms.

"David Jonathan' is a pseudonym that he uses, as was instructed to him during one of his conversations with the "Higher Intelligence".

All Proceeds from his books & Online Courses go towards Transforming People Lives.

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