Dave McCubbin

Training Alchemist |Founder of Skootzi

Dave McCubbin has been engaged in computer training over the past 15 years and is the founder and CEO of The People's Trainer.com.  During which time he has been fortunate to work with many great people, and been able to impact them through his unique, laid-back, fun, yet quirky, learning style. He has trained extensively on domestically and internationally, along with personally training over 100,00 people.

He does not believe in overly polished, eloquent presentations. Rather he focuses on a more conversational approach to learning. Subsequently, he does NOT consider himself and expert by any stretch. Why? Simply because that term reeks of arrogance and is not his modus operendi. Instead he views himself as a perpetual apprentice in the computer field and believes there is always something new to be learned, no matter how long you've been doing "it".

True to form, he would like to thank the people that have mentored him throughout the years.

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