Darryl Syms

Session Guitar Player, Performer, and Instructor

Darryl Syms is a Guitarist, Teacher, and Session Musician from Plymouth, UK. His musical career began shortly after over-hearing his former Guitar Teacher for the first time, and becoming immediately inspired. On his 13th Birthday Darryl was given his first Guitar, and did not hesitate to invest his time in regular practice and tuition.

At just 17 Darryl had experienced his first Session performing on stage as part of a musical with a Pit Band. “It was a great feeling to be able to share my enjoyment through my Guitar to such a joyful audience. I learnt a lot from working alongside the other very talented musicians and dancers too. It was from this point that I saw a door open for me into the Music Industry. It really inspired me to perform more”. For two years after, Darryl had made appearances in three bands, and was also performing cover songs independently at each opportunity possible.

Then at 18 he decided it was time to pursue his passion and make a living as a Guitar Player. “I knew it was a long shot to be able to make it with a band, so I decided to pursue a lifestyle of Teaching and Session Work”. Darryl has since picked up a variety of sessions, and has worked hard to share his knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with his growing number of students.

In more recent years, Darryl has also had the pleasure to have performed, and also had lessons, with some of the best musicians on the planet such as Christophe Godin, Guthrie Govan, Tom Quayle, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Mika Tyyska and Nick Johnston. These Guitar Players have been very influential on Darryl’s playing, among many others from a variety of different musical styles.

Darryl’s dedication to playing the Guitar has inspired and led him to become a full-time active Guitar Tutor, YouTube Contributor, Composer, Producer, and Session Musician. He is also slowly working on his Debut Album, which he hopes to release early-mid 2017.

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