Darin Steen

Winner of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Next Great Trainer

 Darin Steen is the 2015 Winner of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Next Great Trainer; a natural (drug-free) competitive bodybuilder for 27 years; and Owner and Head Coach at The Transformation Station in Mokena, IL. 

Darin has been a full-time personal trainer for 17 years. He believes the Slow Go System he has invented and perfected during this time is the most efficient way to exercise for both fat loss and muscle gain (a key underpinning is building lean muscle to help burn the fat).   

One man can only personally teach something to so many people. Darin wanted a way to introduce as many people to this amazing system as possible. So he began giving talks at local schools and businesses, and writing books.

But not many people read books nowadays. And humans are visual creatures. 

So, now, he is creating straightforward video courses, explaining the most important lessons he has learned in his 17-year career, on Udemy.   

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