Daragh Walsh

Google Certified Marketer & Teacher with 50,000+ Students

More than 50,000 can’t be wrong! That’s how many students have taken my courses, leaving more than 5,000 top-rated reviews.

As a Google Certified Marketer, I have collaborated with companies in more than forty countries around the world. I've worked with Amazon, Hertz, CallawayGolf and many more!

I know you want – results – and I am an expert at getting them. I teach skills and strategies that are designed to make an impact. My courses cover such topics as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google Analytics.

Tinkering with my courses based on the feedback that I get from my students, I have developed a teaching style and a teaching structure that are conducive to fast learning and positive outcomes.

I am based in Ireland and enjoy working with people from countries all around the world.

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