Dan Bronson

Experienced Gamer, Software Developer, and TKD Black Belt

I am an avid fan of games and game creation!  As a gamer with over 20 years of pen-and-paper D&D experience I've managed campaigns for various age groups from pre-teens to 30-somethings.  I've learned how to get the most out of my time preparing for game sessions and I'm happy to relate that information to you.  Additionally, I've also worked as a web/software developer for more than 15 years.  While developing for the web I gained experience using Photoshop and After Effects which I've applied to my other interests (such as D&D) with great success.  Lastly, I am a black belt in tae kwon do and plan to upload a Udemy course on heavy bag kickboxing combinations and workouts in the near future.  My core belief is that imagination is king.  Using my talents and experiences I strive to mix the logical with the fantastic in novel ways that are creative, challenging, and above all - FUN!

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