Damien Franco

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist

Content Creation, Content Management, & Social Media Management Specialist

I started YourPhotoTips.com in my spare time as a passionate hobbyist photographer and blogger in 2008. I built a large readership and a large following on Twitter for the website Twitter handle @YourPhotoTips to over 25,000 followers. During this time I have also generated a large following on my personal social media outlets. As of July 2012 I have just under 40,000 followers on Twitter for @DamienFranco and over 50,000 people have me circled on Google Plus.

In May 2011 I was contacted by Barnes and Noble for an offer to merge the YourPhotoTips.com website with Pixiq.com, a Sterling Publishing website focused on photography tips and tutorials, in an effort to help them garner more attention from online photography enthusiasts for their Photography Publishing company Lark Photography (now Pixiq Publishing). I stayed on as a contributor to Pixiq.com as part of the deal.

In July 2011 I was asked to join the Sterling Publishing Digital Marketing team as the online editor for Pixiq.com with responsibilities that ranged from content and community management, online reputation management, online outreach, and social media strategy as well as increase reader engagement, user experience, and manage content and growth for the website's E-Newsletter. I worked remotely (from Midland, TX) in constant communication with the Sterling Publishing Digital Marketing Team and with our Sales and Advertising Team based mostly in New York, NY.

During my tenure at Pixiq.com we were able to realize growth in all of our key digital marketing targets including a 225% increase in Twitter followers, 109% increase in Facebook fans, and a staggering 865% increase in E-Newsletter subscribers.


• Web & social media strategy
• Web marketing
• Brand development
• Program management
• Blogging 
• Project management
• Information architecture


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