Tejaswi Seth

Spacecraft Engineering Intern

Tejaswi Seth is a spacecraft engineering graduate, currently pursuing his internship at a space instruments manufacturer. His work involves the designing and simulation of a payload in an upcoming satellite mission. During the course of his studies, he worked with various projects, such as UAV development, spacecraft orbit determination, space radiation shielding, etc. Also, he was the project manager of an international space initiative concerning flight guidance and navigational technologies for sounding rockets.

Space technology has always been his passion, but he caved his way into other fields too. He was the Head of Robotics club and one of the founding members of an IT club during his undergraduate years. Having a creative mind, Tejaswi also went into Unity3D game development wherein he programmed AI for games and successfully developed two games as hobby projects. He shows good skills in network management and security too. 

Nowadays, Tejaswi continues to work in the amazing field of space technology, with rest of his talents being valuable assets, and hopes to share his knowledge with everyone out there, through Udemy. 

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