Craig Severinsen

Storyteller and catalyst for change

Craig is the CEO of Bright Works PR and Marketing based out of Provo, UT. He is a leader in taking control of your story in order to have peace of mind, confidence and make more money. Bright Works specializes in the Meetings, Travel and non-profit industries.

Craig got his start in the art of storytelling during his time doing PR for the Walt Disney Company. His passion to help others and give voice to those in need led him to begin serving the non-profit industry. Now, combining his passion for storytelling and helping others, Craig teaches organizations how to tell their story in a way that motivates their audience to action.

Craig founded Bright Works PR on the premise that everyone has a story and that stories are meant to be heard. His work has landed major media attention for his clients, increased profitability of companies and non-profits and given confidence and peace of mind to CEO's, marketers, fundraisers and PR pros around the world.

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