There's one little fact about me that inspires everything I do: I'm curious. REALLY curious. From the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, I'm thinking about dozens of little questions pricking at my mind to answer. Hundreds of insatiable intrigues I have in my mind to explore. This curiosity drives me to figure out things. Figure out the WHY behind things. To figure out the HOW. My mind is always growing towards these little discoveries, like vines on a wall always stretching further out and up for the sun.

I'm curious, because I want to learn how to create things. Creating things for people makes me feel most alive. There's nothing better than that flooding rush of excitement because what I made really meant something to someone. When I play back a song I wrote, work on a video production, connect with a huge audience, review a new up and coming product, give people the inside scoop on a theory, a method, a set of insights to change someone's life - these are the sort of things I live for.

I'm driven by curiosity, creativity, and truth. 

It's with this passion that I hope to imbue each and every class I establish on this website. I hope you can feel my enthusiasm for discovery when you enroll in my courses. I want know what YOU think. I want to help you with the things I know best.  

It means everything to me.

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