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Web Development Bootcamp

Coding Dojo is a Coding Boot Camp that provides Online, Onsite and Hybrid immersive training environments for everyone and anyone. At Coding Dojo, students quickly learn to code and think like software engineers and develop web applications as an end result. We cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MVC, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, OOP, and much more. Our students receive mentored guidance, quick feedback and curated course content, all while building real applications and solving real problems.

Since 2010, our commitment to quality has produced a polished curriculum and well–rounded course structure, which we continue to improve with every new cohort. Given the rapid growth of technology, our staff believes that our school must act likewise: to be adaptive, versatile, and most of all highly relevant.

Coding Dojo graduates go on to work in a range of developer roles at world-class companies including REI, IBM, Microsoft and Plantronics, and also play key roles in fast-growing start-ups.

Campuses in Seattle, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Dallas.

Ketul "Jay" Patel  teaches at CodingDojo and consults for companies in the Bay Area on tech-related issues. At CodingDojo, Jay teaches and practices web development and specializes in Javascript, Python, and iOS.  

Having grown up in Silicon Valley Jay has been exposed to development for as long as he can remember. Jay started developing as a kid building simple yet addictive games. Attending college at the University of California, Irvine, Jay majored in business with an emphasis in finance and worked briefly in investment management before returning to Silicon Valley to practice web development.

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