Patrick Morrow

National Award-Winning Teacher & Premium Udemy Instructor

Patrick is a very experienced teacher who is consistently recognised for helping students achieve their true potential. This quality has been recognised by the National Teaching Awards with Patrick awarded Outstanding Teacher of the Year. Other establishments including Her Majesty's Inspectorate in the UK use his models as examples of best practice. Patrick is a Google Certified Educator and was invited by Apple to participate in the Apple Distinguished Leaders Program 2016.

Patrick has been featured on television and in the Financial Times, ISP World, and Computer Weekly.

He has taught students at all levels, has been guest speaker at multiple conferences and has been invited by a top university to 'lecture anytime'.

"Patrick is not only a quality teacher, he is a mover and motivator of minds."

"A genius of his profession."

"Of course this guy's popular, he's the definition of a perfect teacher in a myriad of so many imperfect ones."

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