Chantelle Streete

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

I’m a former Wall Street maven turned passionate healthy living advocate. This passion led me down the path to spreading the word about the healing powers of whole foods and lifestyle choices. Today, I'm a certified Holistic Wellness Consultant, and I encourage my clients to take control of their lives and appreciate what they put into their bodies, to own the freedom of nurturing themselves, to find balance in a crazy busy existence - with the goal of improving our health and happiness and allowing our inner beauty to radiate. Healthy is the new Sexy!

I'm a mom, a wife, a sister and a friend. I have a passion for fashion … and for family, food, design, music, exotic travel and spirituality. I believe in connecting with people on a basic soulful level, where inner beauty reigns supreme. I believe in eating cake … because what is life without cake.

My perfect evening is to be surrounded by good friends and family, sharing a nutritious and amazingly delicious meal, a bottle (or two) of wine, and wonderful conversation. I’m all about LIVING, not surviving.

Because Life is a Party and I want to enjoy every minute of it. Will you join me?

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