Mr. Clive Finkelstein

"Father" of Information Engineering; Pearcey IT Hall of Fame; iCMG 2015 Enterprise Architecture Hall of Fame

Clive Finkelstein has now retired after more than 50 years in the IT Industry, in Australia and the USA. From 1976 - 1980 he developed, in Australia with his company IInformation Engineering Services Pty Ltd)IES), the Information Engineering (IE) methodology. IE was popularised worldwide in the 1980s following publication of the co-authored book by: James Martin and Clive Finkelstein, Information Engineering, Savant Institute, Carnforth: Lancs (Nov 1981). This is the book that started the IE Revolution of the 1980s.

From 1995 – 2000, Clive Finkelstein developed an enhanced version of IE, called: Enterprise Engineering. He developed this methodology for the rapid delivery of Enterprise Architecture (EA) into production as databases and systems, in 3-month increments of increasing functionality. Enterprise Engineering is based on the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture that was earlier developed by John Zachman. Clive teaches the rapid EA delivery Enterprise Engineering discipline personally in his Udemy Courses and Workshops:

Rapid Delivery Workshop for Enterprise Architecture

* Module 1: Introduction to Enterprise Architecture for Managers and IT

- Rapid Systems Development for Business Transformation

* Module 2: Rapid Delivery Methods for Enterprise Architecture

* Module 3: Rapid Delivery Technologies for Enterprise Architecture

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