Chris Martins "Yourself, just more of it" - Exploring the human potential since 1973.

A confessed self-development junkie, my ultimate goal is to make people feel a little better, happier and safer. My journey allowed to acquire knowledge ranging from Martial Arts and Self-Defense, to personal development techniques that can help you create the lifestyle you really deeply desire.

Do you want to feel safe wherever you go and keep your loved ones safe ?

I can teach you that, even if you're not a martial artist, fighter, strong, fast or flexible... In fact, you're better off not being any of those things. 

Do you want to build up your confidence levels and achieve more of what you want ?

I can show you how to do exactly that, and more.

Do you want to learn foreign languages in record short time ?

It's really not that hard.

My Udemy courses can help you reach your goals, and I would be honored to have you as a student.

My Experience :

Martial Arts & Self-Defense

I have been teaching Martial Arts and Self-Defense for the past 20 years, starting my personal journey in 1977, at the age of 4. I received my ranks and teaching licence in the system I teach, directly in Japan from the GrandMaster. My students come from all walks of life, a lot of them are security or combat professionals.


I have studied mediation through the practice of Musô Sesshin, a directed meditation method inherited from Shingon Buddhism. This practice obviously helps create a peaceful mindset, as well as a highly purpose driven, targeted mind. It is also a wonderful way to enhance any confidence building method.

Online Marketing

I have created several courses ( in french ) to help musicians reach a larger audience and make a living as professional musicians and teachers. These courses include topics such as list building techniques, mindset management, pedagogy, website design, SEO, using Social Media for marketing, and many more topics, and have helped hundreds of musicians create a business from scratch.

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