Chris Lunsford

Software Founder, Developer, Operations Engineer

I am an IT professional with a decade of experience in network, datacenter, cloud and systems operations. My expertise is in applying software development practices to infrastructure operations.

In the early days of my IT career, I worked at a large networking company administering devices to support Service Providers in the US and Canada. After several years of doing test and validation for SP Core Networks, I worked a project on a recently announced Data Center compute product and got hooked on Data Center technology. I moved on to support Data Center Solutions and became an expert on the full Data Center stack: firewalls, load-balancers, compute, network, storage, and virtualization. The balance of my time at the company was spent building out a major hosted cloud effort based on OpenStack, integrating principles and tools from the emerging DevOps movement.

I left corporate life to co-found a small software company, focused on reducing the pain of being an operations engineer in Cloud and Data Center environments. I teach on Udemy to help transfer my own lessons learned to others who are faced with managing complex server and network environments, and to explore ways to integrate software practice and lean methodologies with IT operations.

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