Chris Bankes Sivewright

Experienced teacher, prolific author and course provider.

Chris has been teaching Business Studies and Economics since 1978.

Since then he has taught hundreds of students on an individual tutorial basis as well as visited over 100 schools to give revision seminars. He has also taught in a comprehensive, a grammar school, a private university, as well as at graduate and post-graduate level in Oxford, UK.

Chris has authored over 100 books which are sold through Amazon as well as three independent publishers. In the 1990s Chris produced 30 Business Studies and Economics cassette tapes. Several were recordings of his lectures at the University of Oxford.

Chris has – and is still - run several businesses including Oxford School of Learning, a tutorial college, Oxford Conferences and OSL Training.

In 2012 Chris started Almost Random Theatre, in Oxford. Since then he has helped deliver workshops in Scotland, Wales, Czech Republic and Poland as well as 15 schools in England. Chris has written/directed over 50 short and 3 one-Act plays that have subsequently been performed in London and Oxford. Scripts for three of his plays have been sold, via an Independent publisher, to schools in the UK.

Chris has several teaching diplomas as well as a Business and Economics degree and professional business qualifications. Chris has examined for four major examining boards, at ‘O’ and ‘A’ level.

Until recently Chris was Head of Business and Economics at a major school in High Wycombe. He will soon be starting work at another school near Hastings where there is a far greater enrolment of international students. There he will teach Economics and Business Studies and also run Drama sessions.

As well as teaching, Chris is an Ambassador for a Heart charity and a Trainer for the Stroke Association. 

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