Charles Gregory


My name is Charles Gregory. I am a recent graduate at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Throughout college I had the privilege of running my own business.

I took over the business in 2010, one year after starting college. The business is a snack route in the distribution industry. Basically the owner bought snacks at wholesale prices, such as pork rinds, and sold them to convenience stores and liquor stores. It had about 50 locations when I took over and was struggling to turn any profits. After evaluating the business I saw potential and decided it was worth the small risk. I quit my job at the age of 20 and dove into the industry with zero experience.

After four years of operating the business I now have over 130 profitable locations. I make over $55 per hour and have another driver who operates the majority of the route.

I was able to turn the business around and grow it substantially by applying principles as I learned them in school. It was a fantastic learning opportunity that I took advantage of and left me with a monster after college.

In my courses I intend to show students how I was able to build up my route. I want to show students how they can start and build their own routes from the ground up by applying the same principles that I am successful with.

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