Hi I'm Cathy. 

I have been online for over a decade, helping others to achieve their goals in areas ranging from career change to small business growth.  I learned online marketing to promote my career site, Midlife Career Strategy. I’m a published author, written hundreds of articles and dozens of websites, and really get a kick out of seeing my clients enjoy the benefits of what they learn and put into practice.

When you want to know how to create high-converting marketing materials, I'm your person. I've written content for everything from websites to landing pages to blog posts… and more. I particularly enjoy transforming complex ideas into clear, conversational language that will resonate with your ideal prospects. I’m also here to help “storify” your content: how to get your point across by telling stories. 

As far as career change, I still work with midlife, mid-career clients. Many want to pivot to self-employment and I help them get started.   I'd love to help you review your career options so you can get closer to filling your dream, whether it’s a “laptop lifestyle” or a new corporate career.

When anyone asks me what’s the secret to being successful in marketing yourself or your company, I tell them "Be yourself…and be adventurous!” 

When you remain authentic, you will stand out from the massive waves of (mostly mediocre) content out there and get noticed in a good way. And when you keep your spirit of adventure, you’ll try new things and stay motivated even during the Muddled Middle part of any transition.  

Some people make great players but lousy coaches. After teaching business to mostly bored college students for over 20 years, I don’t just have knowledge. I know how to share so you’ll understand, enjoy and remember. 

Come join me on the journey and keep me posted as you grow into your goals!  


Cathy Goodwin 

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