Cathy Goodwin

Author, Consultant and Speaker

Hi I'm Cathy. 

I have been online for over a decade, helping others to achieve their goals in areas ranging from career change to small business growth.  I learned online marketing to promote my career site, Midlife Career Strategy. I’m a published author, written hundreds of articles and dozens of websites, and really get a kick out of seeing my clients enjoy the benefits of what they learn and put into practice..  

I help entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses...

• Use storytelling to create compelling, high-converting materials to support their marketing

• Develop and implement promotional message strategies through copywriting, as Done For You and Done With You

• Use storytelling purposefully to build a memorable, client-attracting brand 

And I still work with midlife, mid-career clients. Often my clients want to pivot to entrepreneurship so there's a natural crossover. 

 Come join me on the journey and keep me posted as you grow into your goals!  


Cathy Goodwin 

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