Carlos De Leon

Professional Software Developer & Trainer

Carlos is an experienced systems engineer with a strong passion for software development and technology in general. He has been developing enterprise software for almost 20 years, and has worked with different database management systems, which has helped him develop a complete understanding and knowledge of the SQL language and its most popular vendor-specific implementations, being Oracle where his main experience is, as he has been working with Oracle databases on a daily basis for more than a decade.

His passion for software development and his entrepreneurial spirit also took him into the mobile world, where he has developed applications for several mobile platforms in his spare time.

He's also a blogger and a regular contributor to the Oracle database community, and over the years has been known as an expert in different internet forums and IT knowledge exchange sites.

In addition to software development, he loves teaching and sharing his knowledge and experience with others, which is the reason why he joined Udemy.

If you are into software or database development, make sure to check out Carlos's courses now.

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