Brent Mail

Award Winning Professional Photographer

Full-Time Professional Photographer

Hi, my name in Brent Mail and I’m a full time professional photographer, which means that I make my living from photographing people. I am a lover of great photography, the outdoors – especially the ocean – a good Thai curry and of course a custom hand-crafted espresso latte (which goes down better with friends). Oh, did I mention that I love sports too, especially the kind that gets the adrenalin pumping!!!

Photography Teacher & Mentor:

I love to share my knowledge & passion for photography with others. I run a number of photography workshops throughout the year, and love to help people understand the art of photography. This is my chance to interact with my students and get some valuable feedback, which I incorporate into my training videos. 

Successful Photography Studio Owner:

I started and run a small boutique photography studio near the beach in the quite seaside town of Anna Bay, Port Stephens (about 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney, Australia). I have hand picked my crew, and we all love what we do, as you will see once you come into our studio for a coffee and a chat. 

Award Winning Photographer:

How can you be sure that you are an expert in your field? The best way to gauge this is to enter your very best prints into a photography competition. Not just any photography competition, but a professional photography competition where you compete against the best professional photographers in the world. I have been doing this for a number of years now and have been lucky enough to win a few awards.  

Hope you enjoy my casual style of teaching, and please leave me some feedback. Cheers, Brent

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