Brendan Campbell

Programmer and Game Designer

Thirteen. Long. Hours. The sun had risen from the east, set in the west, and I had accomplished… nothing. My sixth grade self just wanted to display a simple image onto an iPhone screen, but my lackluster programming skills had a different agenda. I knew that programming shouldn’t be this hard, if only the available resources lessened the learning curve.

I felt like any book I read or tutorial I watched assumed some sort of "prior knowledge." I was so frustrated - where does one acquire this prior knowledge?!

That is my goal as an instructor: to turn someone who has absolutely no programming experience into someone who can comfortably code on their own. Since I began programming in 6th grade, I understand what it's like to start from scratch. If I could do it, you can, too.

My main specialities are in iOS programming and Java. I've released 3 iOS applications, one of which was eventually acquired by another company. I also have university credit for Java.

Above all, I care about my students. I want to provide quality education, so I put time and effort into what I do.

I hope we'll be in touch!

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