Braulio Patricio

Wordpress Ninja, Multi-Language Engineer, Automation Fanatic

Braulio was named after a football player but his passion for computers moved him off the track his father had initially laid out and disappointed everyone ever since. His family still brings this up at every Christmas. And Easter...

He got his first computer at the age of 8 and that event made him work in IT related jobs where the hats of developer, analyst, trainer, manager and architect would occasionally fit.

He is now a thirteen year veteran of using a myriad of technologies and consulting for clients across the globe. He recently worked for IBM as an architect, training a team of developers from different countries (Egypt, India, Middle East) on Microsoft products. His secret love for Wordpress was the inception of this course.

He has also mastered juggling, avocado smoothies and many glorious pursuits of diverse ingenuity.

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