Brainy Pixel Productions

Creativity Instructors, Traditional Arts, Digital Arts, Tech

Brainy Pixel Productions LLC., is a creative studio that specializes in creating original content that informs, educates, and entertains, all at the same time. We are experts in partnering with teachers, artists, and creative individuals from all over the world to produce and distribute digital content, courses, and instructional videos to students across the globe.

Representing over 20 independent teachers and artists--many of them award-winning and top in their own respective fields--Brainy Pixel Productions, is an award-winning studio that operates the DrawingTeachers website, which receives over a quarter million views a month and The HowtoDrawAndPaint YouTube Channel, with over 133,000 subscribers and 1.3 million views per month. Brainy Pixel also produces programs for television broadcast networks, such as The PicTrain, which is currently airing on TBN, the Trinity Broadcast Network, which is the largest religious cable network on the planet.

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