Bharat Hassani

Professional Math Tutor , Yoga Trainer , Electrical Engineer

Graduated in Electrical engineering from University of Rajasthan in year 2006, Taught over 1000 students of High school after graduation and still counting, worked as Yoga trainer and trained more than 700 person, Worked as an online tutor for mathematics. Provide coaching to students who prepare India's engineering entrance examination, competitive examination. Published 2 books on calculus, algebra. Prepare Exam papers and question bank based on Entrance exam/test prep after high school, Provide homework help through various freelancing websites, Build strong relationship with students globally to meet their subject requirement and help them to improve their grade and develop their interest in understanding of mathematics.

Worked as an Online tutor with reputed tutoring agency of India.

Enhanced knowledge of many students in the area of Calculus, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Geometry, Vedic Mathematics, Trigonometry, and applications of mathematics in Economics, Engineering.

Producing and publishing Video on mathematics for students of all over India and Global students.

As a yoga trainer Conduct yoga session to aware people about respiration system, deep breathing through pranayama, asthang yoga of patanjali, give them Indian method of treatment of any disease through Ayurveda.

Through Yoga Session and training I reduced weight of many people, and cure obesity, constipation, acidity, and many common disease caused by inactive life style.

I am Full time Producer and Publisher of Video tutorials of self learning content.

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