Ben Hedley

eCommerce Architect, Business Engineer, Entrepreneur

I have created multiple businesses over the course of my online career. I have sold several and had a couple failures over the years. My trials and tribulations have made me a well rounded and successful eCommerce entrepreneur. Most recently I started a business purely for the sake of coaching and also, moved into teaching people my tactics. 

My main goal is to coach people it is truly what I enjoy in life! So, aside from growing one more business I have decided to start a life of training people. Other than that here is some background information on me! Enjoy!


I was born in a town outside of St Louis Missouri. I am a product of a blue collar family. My Great Grandpa and grandpa were brick layers. My dad was a marine and a mailman. I was raised with an insatiable work ethic that often times borders on obsession.

After receiving relatively poor grades with my traditional education in high school I moved on to the Boston area to get a degree. I majored in Aviation / Air Traffic Management and pursued a tough career field. After success in this field I met my wife and had an incredible son.

While I was married to my wife I read a news article online that described ecommerce and being an entrepreneur. For years I always wanted to start my own business and I soon realized the income potential of online sales and marketing. It was at this exact moment that my OCD kicked in. My life would never be the same.

Every single available moment I had I began researching ecommerce. It was almost like my right arm. I just could not let it go. I began to obsess over this business and ended up building several very lucrative and successful businesses while working full time at another job!

After creating several successful businesses I decided I need to share this information with the world. I needed to share all of my successes, all of my failures. I want to save people time and money that I wasn't able to save. I want to coach the world of people how to create a successful online empire. One person at a time I want them to see real success and learn from it.

That is why I became an instructor on Udemy. I became an instructor because I am passionate about helping others. My courses will walk you through my steps as an entrepreneur. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to me. Without you none of the things I teach would matter. So, thank you for everything and I hope we can learn together in the future.


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