Jessica Ortiz

Spanish Immersion - Without Going to Mexico

I am an Elementary School teacher with thirteen years teaching experience.  I lived in Nebraska and taught for five years in first and second grade.  Then I moved to Iowa and taught for three years in a First grade Dual Language classroom.  My last few years of teaching have been spent in Mexico at an American School.  I teach LANGUAGE!  I teach pure ESL (English as a Second Language). Often, I have new students who are completely new to the language.  I use strategies to catch them up, but often just being immersed in the language and surrounded by peers who are speaking the same language works best.  I have many years of experience in teaching language.  

I am married.  My husband is a teacher as well.  He is Mexican.  We have three children.  We moved to Mexico five years ago.  My youngest was two, almost three and knew no Spanish.  My middle child was eight.  She had gone to first grade in a Dual Language School in the U.S. So, she had some very basic Spanish skills.  My oldest child was 13.  She knew no Spanish.

My children were placed in pure Spanish classes.  They were placed in the middle of so many Spanish conversations.  They just had to listen, listen, listen.  They would catch what they could.  I witnessed how magically my children and I learned the language.  We were fluent in a very short time.  Immersion was the key to our learning.  

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