Basim Salim

Small Business & Digital Marketing Consultant

You have something to share—something that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact your audience, but that will also help you reach your business goals. And I am the bridge between your business idea and your audience.

I'm a a digital marketing and small business expert who has been connecting people and products through online marketing close to a decade.

With a foundation in working and consulting multinational businesses, I bring this expertise to people who are looking for growth in their business by expanding their market to new audiences through  marketing strategy, product development, automation, lead generation and engagement through content marketing.

My business and marketing mindsets are to: Put your customer’s needs first. Create automated systems that educate. Provide more value than you take. Question your assumptions and test often. Look to other industries for winning strategies to stand out from the crowd.

My courses are designed for individuals and business owners who strive for strategic vision, expertise in automation, funnel optimization, and create better marketing experiences. Just to highlight a few courses I have: traffic generation, landing page optimization,copywriting, email marketing, automation, customer success, and product launches.

Take a look at my courses below and see what interests you based on your current stage of business or drop me a note if you have any questions about growing your business.

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Courses taught by Basim Salim