Author / Corporate Trainer / Entrepreneur with an education in Sociology and Psychology

Ozan Dagdeviren believes in a future in which technology depends on “human
sciences” more and more. The main focus of his works are human
behaviour, critical thinking, art of happiness and social redesign.

He lives in Istanbul.

During his academic and professional career, he has taken every possible chance to get better at “behaviour analysis”; seeing the person as a complex system and trying to understand it at all levels.

He’s the author of the book Tough: Happiness Through Critical Thinking (2015), published in print and regularly organizes trainings and workshops around the topic.

He has gained his academic education in the areas of Sociology, Psychology and Communication Studies, completing his thesis on changing technologies and societal implications. He has worked in a variety of professional settings including the Behavioural Sciences Institute, Market Research, Executive Search and Professional Recruitment among other Human Resources roles.

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