Austin Hull

Instructing Consultant

My name is Austin Hull. As a skill film and media artist, I am a story teller. I am not the most gifted teacher, but as a consultant, I partner with other professionals to bring students the best possible learning experience I can provide. There is no limit to what can be taught to students through partnership with other professionals. I am very excited and happy to be a part of shaping knowledge in the minds of upcoming professional.

I am from Jackson Michigan, in the United States. I've traveled a lot through out my life, but for now, have settled here to expand my knowledge and career while I study deeper into other professional degrees. I have high hopes for the future and want to see all my students succeed.

Note for students: Dear students, I appreciate your interest in my offered classes and am truly thankful for your time. I hope that together we can dig deeper into knowledge and learning. However, due to high volumes of students on Udemy, please note it is not always easy to answer individual questions. I encourage all of you to use the discussion forums in each class. Many students post in the forums and it is very easy to work in groups by doing that. This helps me, as an instructor, with time management. With the nature of my job, as an instructing consultant, I have to master courses before teaching them. Therefore, my time is very important to me. Please respect that. Thank You for reading this. Thank You for your time.

Mr. Hull

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