Aukee Toliver

Independent Researcher of Kushite-Kemetic Spiritual Science

I have been an Independent Researcher of Ancient African History since 1992 and an Independent Researcher of Kushite-Kemetic Spiritual Science since 2015.

My goal is to inspire students to research Ancient African history and gain an Ancient African understanding of Spirituality, Astronomy, Astrology, and its influence on all world Religions.

I am part of an organization called Knowledge Development Ase' Group. Our mission is to provide and promote current and Ancient African learning with presentations, classes, group discussions, and more.

This is just a glimpse of the lectured information:

Nun (Dark Matter) > Atum (Atom) > Shu (Air) > Tefnut (Water) > Geb (Earth) > Nut (Fire) > Ausar (Character) > Auset (Intelligence) > Heru (Will) > Tehuti (Wisdom) > Set (Ego)

Ba, Ka, bAb, Akhu, Khaibit, Khat, Ren, Sahu, Sekhem

I, Spiritual, Physical, Universe, 1 = No One, Non-Spiritual, Non-Physical, Non-Universe, 0


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