Arvid Schneider

Senior Technical Director

I love being creative and technical at the same time, that is why I work as a technical director in one of the leading VFX companies in the industry. In my portfolio I have worked on big shows like Captain America, Spectre, Independence Day 2, Fantastic Beasts etc ( the full cv is on my webpage ). 

My main field of working as a technical director is the Lighting Department, this is where all the pipeline departments come together to create the final output image. Lots of technical and artistic expertise is needed to compete in the high-end industry. 

That is why I like to share my knowledge and experience with other artists and developers who like to work in that field, or who want to extend their knowledge. 

I am developing lots of pipeline optimizations tools to improve efficiency of artists and production. Most of the code is written in python, a little part is c++.

Apart from developing third party tools for rendering packages, I also develop applications for IOS and OSX using swift. 

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