Armin Yousefi Kanani

Researcher at Lancaster University

I am a Mechanical Engineer with over 3 years’ professional experiences. I currently work as a researcher in Lancaster University . I finished my Master degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering at Kingston University (London) in 2016 and gained a distinction. I completed my Mechanical Engineering BSc at Azad University of QazvinIran in 2013.

I chose the subject of my MSc dissertation in a way that enabled me to work in experimental research and finite element analysis. Utilising all my experience and software expertise encouraged me to continue my research and dissertation in the field of composites. In my MSc project, critical buckling loads of laminated composite plates with different stacking sequences are determined through experimental and finite element method. The results from these two methods are compared and recommendation for replacing tests with modelling was made. 

I have made these tutorials based on my knowledge that I got from my dissertation. This tutorial contains three main sections. The first section is dedicated to beginner who has never worked with Ansys software. In this section you will learn how to work with ANSYS software and also creating and analyzing simple composite model. In the second part of this tutorial you will develop knowledge to do eigenvalue, harmonic response and modal analysis in the ANSYS and also you will learn how to make sandwich composite model in ACP by using honeycomb core. In the last part of this tutorial, you will learn how to create complex geometry in ANSYS such as: lug, reinforced beam, pressure vessel, tensile test sample and modeling of delamination. Then you will learn how to do complex analysis by using more than one tools in project schematic such as delamination, tensile test, fatigue test, progressive damage and finding natural frequencies and mode shape of wing.

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