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Professional Graphic Designer and Psychological Trainer

Adrian Albert, is one of the best in his domain. With an experience of over 7 years in :

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects




Sony Vegas Pro 11/12/13

Adobe Audition , and many more , has the talent to "build" people. Owner of many body signs and body language knowledge , can make you see the future bright , and build your personality to become a strong human with powerful mind. He is very creative, one of his main hobbies is Photography , so he can see the "idea trough a different viewfinder". Combining a mix of professional leadership development and business strategy, Albert works with professionals like you to own your choices , own your life,and own your future. Be the one who builds a castle , along with my tutorials , in any domain. Be the king/queen of your life and of your temple , and you will succeed in anything you proposed in life.

With great understanding and communicating skills, we can approach as human beings, we can make the world better, and together we will learn, because learning in live will never stop despite ethnicity or age.

Passionate about photography , i am very creative , i can teach you some of my skills earned by hard work. On Udemy , we will travel courses like body language, graphic design, human behavior, human understanding. I will have courses regarding Adobe suite (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Autodesk Maya, Sony Vegas Pro , Adobe Audition, Illustrator and many more) . Feel free to ask me anything you like. Thank you for choosing me as your instructor!

My team is numerous , we want to create tutorials for the world. So let me present to you , the persons who work here for you .

Harsh Parek- Instructor, very talented in assisted computer designs such as (AutoCAD)


Harsh Parek comes from a middle class Bengali family of Kolkata. His mother, Sand Parek worked at Government Art College, and was deeply into handicrafts. His father, Shukmar Parek lost his job when Harsh was just 15 years.

Harsh wanted to study at NIFT. But, his parents wanted him to become an engineer, as they couldn't understand how a course in designing can help him in future career, and hence they refused to fund his admission into NIFT. After his graduation, he opened a workshop, and started his career from there.

His motto : " Certain things catch your eye , but pursue only those that capture your heart. "

So today , with a great team around him, builds Courses, and Tutorials in different PC programs.

Currently working in AutoCAD , and many more.

Adam Levis - (INSTRUCTOR) He is a talented artist working with sound programs (Tracktion Software, Adobe Audition , Cubase SX, Reason 8 , and many more)


Born on 10 Feb 1985 , from a Italian mother, and an American father , Adam Levis has begun his road as a Tutorial creator from early age. Soon after finishing law school, Adam entered public service. He served as Henderson city attorney and a member of the Nevada Assembly.

He decided to join Udemy , after teaming up with some friends . His motto is " Create what can create you"

Currently working in :

Tracktion Software,

Adobe Audition ,

Cubase SX,

Reason 8 , and many more .

Adrian Albert - (OWNER OF THE PROFILE, AND INSTRUCTOR) Well, this is me, working on personality building, teaching you some basics of Body language, and individual understanding. I am also good in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator , and video processing softwares.

John Barna - (INSTRUCTOR) He is great in make-up tutorials, he just create awesome things with people, specially making girls to look perfect.


A professional makeup artist understands all the elements of video/photographic makeup. He knows how your makeup will be affected by the weather, lighting and camera technique. Your artist will work with colors and pigments that complement your skin, style and personality.

A professional artist will meet with you for a trial consultation at least a couple of months before the wedding, and will make recommendations on the best ways to prepare your skin for your wedding day. He will address any concerns and/or allergies that you might have to products or chemicals. He should be able to cover any scars, marks or tattoos you don't want to show.

Lastly, working with a professional will put you and your loved ones at ease on your big day. I often get thank you notes from brides telling me how calm they felt for having me around in the last minutes before walking down the aisle.

Allowing yourself to look absolutely radiant on your wedding day is not a luxury, it is an absolute must!

He has worked with brides of all ages, ethnicities and skin tones. From Astoria to Westport, from London to Spain. John has worked as a freelance artist for some of the most prestigious makeup lines and has over 10 years of international experience in video and print.

John lives in Westchester County and offers her services in the tri-state metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs.

After 10 years in business and more than 300 weddings, I still get excited when I see a bride ready to walk down the aisle. And that is why I approach every wedding with the individual care, enthusiasm, and personal attention a bride deserves on her special day!

"Your wedding is one of the most important and beautiful days of your life."

My philosophy as an artist is to create a warm, natural makeup by using a palette of colors and textures that complement your unique skin tone, complexion and facial structure. Using only the finest products, I work to accentuate your most beautiful features, always avoiding an overly made-up look.

Still, you are the most important person in the room. You need to feel comfortable and radiant. I welcome and value your input. I listen, because my job is to achieve the look you have always dreamed of for your wedding day.

Luft Andrews - (INSTRUCTOR) is here to create tutorials and courses for you in design programs, java programs. currently working in Adobe suite, and many more!

Bio :

I am 27 years old and I am a web & graphic designer based in Madrid with over 10 years of freelance and studio experience. Computers have been in my life since I was a child and I always loved anything related with pixels so I started to design at a very young age, most of my skills and knowledge are self taught.

I have a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites & graphics, I'm always keeping an eye on the latest trends over typography, shapes, colours, etc.

I have been working as web-designer (freelance and studio) for over 7 years, and have done lots of work over that time. My skills cover many aspects of graphic design, web design, illustration and technical knowledge, I am rather skilled on hardware, software, and computers knowledge too.

Motto: " Perfect is inexistent, but perfection i can get close to it "

I currently work in:

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop


Adobe After Effects

So stay tuned on my profile, because we just start here to upload great courses, that you may find them the best in the world. Thank you!

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