Andrew Vanover

Photographer and Director

Hi! I'm Andrew. I have a degree from a credible university but have found that most of what I have learned in my life to be the result of me seeking out knowledge for questions I cannot answer or skills that I wanted to learn.

Along the way many very talented people have been kind enough to share wisdom with me in both the creative mediums and in business. I hope to share everything with you through a series of courses.

The goal in teaching is to help you specifically to create better work, work that you can take pride in and call your own. And once you have created work that inspires you I want to help you make a living sharing that work with others if that is something you want to do.

I work alongside my lovely New Zealander wife Anna. You will quickly find her to be your favorite, and I'm ok with that because she is my favorite too.

We work our hardest to create material that is clear, concise, and easy to learn from. Sign up and see for yourself. If you aren't absolutely blown away by the skills that you learn we'll happily refund your money.

Sign up for the Becoming an Amazing Retoucher in Lightroom 6 with VSCO film course and join me and Anna on an amazing adventure to create authentic images today.

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