Andrei Margeloiu

Google HashCode World finalist, 3x Gold medalist

In 2017 he ranked 1st out of UK universities in the Google HashCode worldwide algorithmic competition and participated in the World Finals at Google Paris HQ.

Andrei is a competitive programmer who has learnt C++ from scratch, and in the first year, he won the prestigious Gold Medal in the Computing Olympiad!

In the next years, he has become one of the most award-winning students in his generation, winning a total of 3 Gold Medals out of 4 possible! He has a deep understanding of C++ principles, algorithms and data structures. He has solved more than 1000 competitive problems, and he has even built a program that simulates an online shop deliveries using drones!

Andrei has helped more than 7000 students to learn Algorithms & Data structures from scratch! He loves to explain in the way he wished he has been taught! As he was thinking of becoming a teacher, he dives deep to the core principles, crack hard problems in small pieces that can be understood quickly and finally explain the logic behind the program. By joining him, you will not only become fluent in C++, but you will develop a real programmer logic and be able to switch rapidly to other programming languages!

Now, Andrei is studying Computer Science at the prestigious University College London to dive further into this amazing field!

Join him on this incredible journey and discover Algorithms & Data structures!

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